Which Path Will You Choose?

Stairs2I was thinking about something over the weekend. I thought about what it truly takes to reach your goals. I knew this weekend was going to be a challenging couple days with all the activities my daughters had, combined with the fact that my wife is away on business. Then Mother Nature decided to throw some snow and 50 mph wind at us. I had a real choice to make.

I could easily decide to blow off my training because things were not perfect, the easy way. Or I could take the harder path and plow ahead and figure out a way to get my training in, the hard way.

With a little over one month to go before I compete in my Master’s (40+) Track and Field event there was no way I could rationalize not training. While I’ll never be confused with an elite level runner, my goal is still to improve on my 27th overall place in the US, in the 3000 meter (40-44 age group) in 2015.

Ask yourself this week, “Am I choosing to be ordinary?” “What am I doing to make myself the best version of myself I can be?” If you cannot answer that you are working hard, at training, at eating right, at being the best spouse, father, mother, employee, boss, etc. then you have no one to blame but yourself. No one is handing you anything. Not health, not those flat abs you want, not a personal best running, not that promotion, nothing. You have to earn and achieve those goals through hard work. Again, if you are not, then you can blame yourself an no one else.

Get off your butt, don’t make excuses and make it happen. The easy way is always there.  Which path will you choose? Get after it this week!