Sports and Future Income

sportsAs I pointed out in a blog post last week, it is important to children to strength train, for improved fitness performance and reduced risk of injury in their chosen sport or activity.  Well, can future income possibly be determined by physical activity & sports at a younger age, and future income potential?

Despite my last name, I am only half Italian. So this blog post would make my Finnish grandfather very happy.  He loved pointing out anyone that had a Finnish last name.  So I am sure he would be happy to see a study done by researchers in Finland.

The results showed a marked difference between the groups. The boys who were more active during their formative years would earn 30% more as adults than the group that was not as active.

Sadly, there was not a significant difference between activity and future incomes. This could be due to socioeconomic factors, such as women still earn less for the most part for doing the same job as men. One does need to look past the world of sports to find examples, as the US Women’s Soccer Team recently filed a grievance their lower wages. Another reason the women in the study could have lost money is that most women have children during their 20’s and 30’s, which was the ages followed in the study.

The researchers theorized that the reason boys saw better results economically is because exercise leads to better overall health and wellness, which means less time lost due to sickness or illnesses. Most organized sports involve teamwork which is necessary for most occupations.

I know that despite the study stating the benefits only to boys, that exercise is beneficial on numerous levels, and will continue to have my daughters both stay active in a variety of activities. In fact my youngest daughter just played her first soccer game this past weekend and I got to coach. I hope it leads to both of them being successful, and having the ability to take care of dad someday.