Beliefs -> Actions -> Results

BeliefsAs I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, recently my family has been hit with a challenging situation. I am trying to do all I can to make sure everyone is taken care of, my wife, and my two daughters. At the same time I am trying to stay calm, take things as they come, and rise to challenge that is presented to me.

In the course of trying to do that, I found that I have been losing patience, finding myself less motivated to run and workout, in general things have become a grind. That is not who I am, or who I strive to be.

I was downstairs this morning while everyone was still asleep. I had just taken out the garbage and turned on a Christian radio talk show I listen to each morning. So I listened extra intently as I put together my daughter’s lunches in the pre-dawn light today hoping the sermon had something I could use to propel me forward today. I was not disappointed.

The sermon was about beliefs. I am not going to preach here, but I think the message has a strong carry over into anything we strive to be or to do. The message was if you truly believe something it should change your behavior.

For example I want to be good Christian, and father, so I need to show patience, and love, and self-sacrifice now more than ever because I believe that is right. If I only temperately change my behavior, or do not change at all, my conviction cannot be that strong.

If I truly want to lose weight because I know it reduces my risk of certain diseases, and health issues, how then do I not change my eating? I know full well the benefits of regular strenuous exercise. If I say I want to build muscle, feel better, look, better, etc., then how can my behaviors and attitudes not reflect that? If you want to me a better husband, wife, son, daughter, co-worker, boss, friend, I could go on, what is holding you back from following those convictions?

You behavior needs to be consistent with your goals and beliefs to be truly transforming. If your actions are not helping you to achieve that transformation then you need analyze your goals and beliefs, determine if they are what you truly want. If they are, then you need to change your behaviors and transform into something great!

Get after it!