Do what you can with what you have.

txt-picI have been a personal trainer/youth conditioning specialist and a coach for over 15 years. I have never once lost the passion to learn new techniques or exercises.  I love to learn and stay up to date on the current trends in exercise science. In fact often the best part of my day are those sessions where a client breaks through a plateau or makes great strides.

That being said it is still provides me with a huge sense of satisfaction when a client reaches out to me with words of thanks. This was the case recently when just last week a client of mine texted me after her knee replacement surgery.

She had really struggled with her knees since way back when we first began training together especially the one that was just replaced. It has always been an issue we worked around as best we could as she had always told me someday this was going to be an eventuality. So we did with what we could based on how her knee was feeling each session.

The last couple months had been a real struggle as she ended up in a walking boot twice due to overcompensations and possibly and ironically enough while doing PT. I struggled at times too as her trainer. I worried that I might not be able to give her what she needed training wise ahead of her surgery to keep her strong, and ease and speed recovery. I wanted her to be not just physically strong but mentally strong as well because that was going to be a huge part of her recovery.

So we did what we could with what we had. Thankfully she got out of the boot with about three weeks until surgery. We modified exercises where we needed to. I never once made her fit the exercises or workouts but rather made the exercises and training sessions fit her needs. We both kept positive (though it was not always easy for either of us) and felt assured that the years of training together would provide her all she needed to get through this surgery. This is what we had to trust in. Her last couple workouts we were able to hit the elliptical and do more strength training than we had been able to do and really finished our pre surgery training on a huge upswing. I was no longer worried about how she would recover, but was already thinking about how soon she will be back at work and training with me again.

I would be right!

See the message I got from her post surgery above!

As many people who are active know things like injuries pop up. You cannot sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Find a way to modify your workouts. There is always something you can do. If you cannot run then walk or bike. If you cannot lift weights use bands, or cables, or even bodyweight exercises.

I find people who exercise to be among the toughest and most resilient people I come across. Fight through what may be holding you back and do what you can with what you have currently, but never give up.

Keep grinding!