A little about me…

runningMy name is Jason. I am a husband and father to two amazing daughters 11 and 4.  I am a personal trainer and youth conditioning specialist and I have also become a runner.

My running journey started in 2011 when my oldest daughter and I decided to run a 5k on the historic boardwalk of Coney Island. We were running to raise money for the World Conservation Society for endangered sea turtles which was something close to my daughters heart, plus we were able to spend the rest of the day at the NY Aquarium which was a great reward.

The run went awful. It was hot, my daughter who had never run before got her face painted and the paint ran into her eyes as she sweat. The slats on the boardwalk made her dizzy as she ran the return portion of an out and back course. I was a little more tired than I would have liked to admit as I had previously played Old Time 1800’s style Vintage base ball (yes two words back then). Running 90 feet base to base was about the extent of my running, as well as intervals. As bad as it went I think we were both instantly hooked with the idea of running. We came home and within days signed up for a Turkey Trot. My daughter continued to run well earning some age group trophies which kept her interested and looking forward to the next race. After watching her run and do so well I found that she motivated me to take my running a bit more serious.

I signed up for a half marathon with the goal of running under two hours, having never run more than a 5k with my daughter.  I missed my goal by four minutes and four seconds. Once I got over the disappointment of not hitting my goal I was ready to tackle another half marathon. I signed up for the HMF Hartford Half Marathon. This time I would reach my goal of a sub two hour half.

I think what I started to enjoy was the joy of running. Of setting a goal, and working toward it. It might end in disappointment or could end up with me hitting a new PR, but I knew I pushed myself and went beyond my comfort zone.

I have really embraced the idea of getting outside my comfort zone in regards to my running, which is what I did last May. I signed up for the Connecticut Master’s Games. Sadly, I am old enough to be able to run the Master’s events. I decided to run the 50meter, the 100 meter, and the 200 meter dash. I also signed up for a single distance event, the 3000 meter. Considering how much time I dedicated to running long distance in my half marathon training I did not do horrible. I came in second in my age group in both sprint events. I placed in the top 100 US in the 100 and 200. In the 3000 meter race,despite the fatigue of the sprints, I ran a time that was good enough t0 place me in the top 27 in the USA in my age group.

That brings you up to date with where I am now. My current goal is to run and try to place in the top 25 in the 3000 meter race. I am about eleven weeks from the Master’s Games and am really stepping up my training logging more miles with higher intensity and we will see how it goes.

You can follow my training in this blog. I will post my workouts, along with the rationale for them, nutrition tips, weight training, etc. I will also discuss my recovery methods which being a Master’s runner I pay a lot of attention to.