Always Rise Again

IMG_5344Well it is a very good thing runners, at least in my opinion, are resilient and usually optimistic. I will be calling upon those same qualities in myself tomorrow. I have been in a funk since racing on Father’s Day.

I have raced a few times this year and each race I have set a new PB. Unfortunately I think with how hard I pushed myself that it has left me dealing with some nagging little injuries. From blisters, to an infected toe, and now a soft tissue issue in my ankle, and then seeing my Master’s Ranking from last year drop from 25 to 37 (after they updated the standings), races that got postponed due to weather, to say the last month has been humbling would be an understatement.

I will not let this last month define 2016 for me. I will not let this past month take away all the hard work I have put in since January. I have worked far too hard for that. From the long miles in the cold, to the sprints and speed work at the track not to mention my strength training, I have put in hours upon hours of work.

Tomorrow I am competing in the 2016 Nutmeg Games. I have scaled back my expectations. I was going to double in the 800 meter race, and the 2 mile race. I decided with injuries I should focus on just the 2 mile run. I figure I am driving over an hour and I am going to run more than twice around a track. I am going to focus on the positive and know that I am going to be racing more against myself. I still have a certain time I am aiming for, but that is now a bit tempered and more realistic. I will not use my ankle or reduced training miles as an excuse. My time will be my time and I will own that fact, but tomorrow I will give it what I have for two miles.

On the other hand, I am also so excited that my oldest daughter is competing in a few events of her own. I will be supporting her there and will be without a doubt her biggest fan.

So as I said, my times will be my times. This one event will not define me or my racing season of 2016. There are times we fall, and there are reasons for our falls. Sometimes it is our own doing, sometimes things happen, but we need to own the results of our falls and rise again. We cannot be consumed by our excuses or failures or we will miss what we could learn.

So the next time you fall, examine your reasons and excuses, but rather than use them to minimize what went wrong, use those reasons and excuses to learn and to rise again.

Tomorrow I will rise, regardless of what the time on the clock tells me.