Beware the Slides of March

It is going to be a tough week to find time to blog. My daughters were home after school canceled yesterday. Now they have a two hour delay. In between getting them ready for school I thought I would try to post something. We have received a last (hopefully) blast of winter here in the Northeast. Thankfully the snow turned to sleet which kept the snow totals down. However it did leave everything a complete sheet of ice. Beware the slides of March.

My driveway and the roads are just not safe today. Here in Connecticut many roads do not have shoulders to run on. That forces the plows to push all the snow onto the sidewalks. With these factors it makes sense to move training indoors. It can make for dangerous running as everyone slides around. That goes for both runners and drivers.

I know for many it is a badge of honor to run in all conditions. I take pride in this was well. However today I will swap my outdoor training for a strength training session. I’ll take tomorrow as it comes. I do not subscribe to the “No Pain No Gain” mentality when I train clients, and I follow that rule of thumb for my own training. I believe in avoiding injury so it is possible to train.

Be smart. I know we all try to run outside during all conditions. In this case beware the slides of March! Injuries can derail the best laid plans.

Happy and smart training!