Exercise alone does not help weight loss

One conversation I have with almost every one of my clients, especially those looking to lose weight, and reach a healthy body fat percentage, is that you cannot out train, out exercise, or out run a poor diet. In my case I see most of my clients 1-3 times per week for between 30-60 minutes. That still leaves them roughly 23 hours of the day when we are not together.

Many times I hear from clients to paraphrase, “I don’t know why I am not losing weight, I am training so hard.” Well as we have likely known deep down, exercise by itself will not lead to weight loss. This is not to say that exercise is not important of course, as you can see the numerous studies about the importance of exercise to help stave off certain health risks.

Recently the journal Current Biology did a study that was published in January confirming that indeed exercise did not lead to weight loss. The researchers determined that over time our bodies adapt to the increased activity of our chosen exercise. So we become more efficient and do no longer burn as many calories even if we exercise.

So in summary, of course there is a need on multiple levels for daily exercise, but it is important to note that weight loss in the vacuum of only exercise, will not lead to weight loss, though possibly briefly in the outset of starting a training program. It is possible that the increase in physical activity leads to an increase of caloric intake. If there is not a conscious effort to reduce the extra caloric intake the exerciser might not get the results they are looking for in regards to body fat percentage and body composition.