Feel Good Friday: Half Kneeling Front Foot Elevated Quad Stretch

For this week’s Feel Good Friday I wanted to share  one of my favorite stretches that I personally use often post run. This is a great stretch for anyone from athletes to someone that may spend a lot of time sitting, where certain muscles can become lengthened and under active while other muscles can become tight or constricted and over active.

This stretch is one that I have tinkered with. In years past I had performed this stretch with the rear foot elevated. Now however since I have become a runner and my hip flexors or psoas can get tight I like to elevate the front foot on a cardio step. I find that when I rock forward not only do I feel the stretch in the quadriceps I am actively stretching but I can also feel it in one or both of my hip flexors and sometimes my groin as well. It can just depend upon how tight I am

While there are many differing studies of just how much if any benefit stretching has I still find time to stretch post run or strength training. So if you are rushed this is a great stretch to hit a couple different areas and muscles at once. For this reason I find this version to be a great bang for your buck stretch.

I also am a big fan since you can control the degree of stretch of both your psoas or hip flexors by how far you rock forward, as well the degree of stretch of your quads. Again based on how far toward your glutes you pull your foot.

One last thing before we wrap up this week’s Feel Good Friday. I would not suggest doing this stretch if you have knee issues. For one, kneeling on your knees can be uncomfortable to some even with a mat or pad underneath. Also the quad stretch can put a lot of shear on the knee of the quad being stretched.