Feel Good Friday: Knee Break Ankle Mobilizations

Wow! This will be the 5th installment of ‘Feel Good Friday’.  Is it just me, or do you feel that 2017 is flying by as well?  First of all, I want to apologize for missing my weekly ‘Feel Good Friday’ this past Friday. It was a crazy week.  I added a couple new clients into my schedule including an online client.   These Feel Good Friday exercises are designed to help activate muscles and help to avoid or correct some muscle imbalances.  They can also help you move and feel better. This week’s exercise name is – Knee Break Ankle Mobilizations.  Even though the name can sound ominous, they are very beneficial for your ankles.

The last Feel Good Friday blog post went in depth about discussing how important it is to maintain power in the ankles. One other aspect of joint health is proper mobility and stability. This week we will focusing on Knee Break Ankle Mobilizations as a mobility exercise for the ankles.  This exercise helps improve ankle mobility.  Joint mobility is defined by the American Council on Exercise as the degree to which an articulation where two bones meet is allowed to move before being restricted by surrounding tissues, ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc. This is otherwise known as the range of uninhibited movement that takes place around a joint.

The Knee Break Ankle Mobilizations can easily be added as a warm-up in an already existing training plan. They can also be combined with the exercises from Feel Good Friday: Stronger Ankles=Stronger Running and Stronger You. They will provide you a good direction on ways to keep your ankles healthier and stronger.

Happy training!