Five For Friday!

5 for FridayI saw the hashtag #FiveforFriday and decided I would share my five fitness running and health tips for this Friday. So without further delay here are the tips in no particular order of importance.

1)      Incorporate lifting weights between 85-90% of your estimated one rep max. Watch the good things that start to happen with your running economy and efficiency.

2)      During your strength training, unless training for something, use the Hex Bar Deadlift instead of traditional deadlifts for increased power and speed.

3)      When running hills do not be afraid to incorporate shorter more intense sprints in the area of 10-50 meters to build power and speed and train your fast twitch muscle fibers. Use rest periods of between 30-60 seconds per every 10 meters of your sprint. This should give you an idea of how hard you should be running them and also allow for optimal recovery.

4)      I like to share recipes and some of my most popular blog posts have been when I have shared a recipe. Here is one people really liked. #Fishfriday!

5)      Never be afraid to shut down a workout when things do not feel right. If you feel pain stop. While you may think the best answer is to keep pushing, pain is nature’s way of saying something is wrong. Live to fight another day. I respect someone more who can force themselves to shut it down rather than some who ran or trained themselves into an injury.

Happy and Healthy Friday!