Friday October 21st Training

41b481b2-6417-42cf-bfb6-eaad2ec6a7faI finally had a little time today to sit and blog. So after yesterday I was inspired to share my last two workouts, after responding to one of my Twitter followers Nicerunnerguy26.2 or @abrego_jacob .

His question was “How do you guys use Twitter to assist with your running lifestyle.”  I personally use it to interact with you my fellow runners. I love to see what you all are doing for workouts. What works, what does not? I enjoy seeing your pictures of where you run.  I try to learn from you all whether you run middle distance like I do or run long distance or even super long Ultra distances. I especially pay attention to some of the workouts you all share. Sometime I need to shake things up in my own training or just need to be inspired by your posts and shares. Believe me many of you inspire my training.

I love when clients of mine or even a friend messages me behind the scenes and thanks me for sharing some of my workouts because it inspires them. So as I mentioned above here are my two quality workouts of the three planned for this week that I have done already.

Quality Workout #1

One mile warmup moderate pace.

12×200 with a 200 meter jog recovery at faster than race pace but definitely not a sprint. Rest 1-2 minutes.

One mile cooldown easy pace.

Two twenty second striders.

Notes: I really like this workout for its shorter work distance. It allows you to really let fly and run hard because you know the recovery jog is right up ahead. The faster speed really challenges your fast twitch muscle fibers, while the jog and shorter rest periods will help keep you closer to your aerobic training zones and still allow you to get your endurance work in simultaneously.

Quality Workout #2

 This is a new one I made up on the fly. I do not usually run without a plan or purpose for a run but for this one I did. I had an idea for it that it needed to incorporate a hill that was about it. I loved this session so much I am already looking forward to getting to do it again in two weeks.

Warmup 3.5 miles. This basically takes me out and then back to the base of the hill I use for the repeats.

.25 mile run up hill.

.25 mile downhill (overspeed training and work on landing softly)

.25 mile up hill again.

Rest 60 seconds.

1x 100 meter sprint on the crest of the hill.

Easy .75 mile jog around the block and back to the base of the hill. At this point I will repeat all of the above except this final time I do not do the .75 recovery jog.

I follow this up with some form drills.

I hope you try these workouts out if they fit into your current training. You can also modify them to fit your needs. Each workout is designed to give you at least five total miles so it should easily fit into most current training programs. The same things do not always work for everyone. If you do try them out drop me an email, or message and let me know what you think.

Happy running!