The Hardest Part is Opening the Door

Have you ever needed a run so bad but at the same time had a hard time getting yourself out the door?  I was having one of those days today as well. Things have been a little hectic to start the New Year, but as stressful as it has been I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and things will hopefully get better as the year goes on. I am confident that they will. I am aiming to be more positive in all aspects of my life. It is not necessarily a resolution as much as what I hope to not only accomplish for myself into the years beyond 2017.

So after much delay I pushed myself out the door. In more ways than one that honestly was the hardest part of the workout. It would have been far easier to just sit and wallow and allow my thoughts to get the best of me, but I am stronger than that. Allowing myself to succumb to those barriers would not help me in the long run.

I started out on the road after my Garmin connected really fast. Of all days I am glad it did. I think I used my anxiety and frustration today to my benefit. Once I got one foot moving in front of the other I only continued to run harder and harder. This was only supposed to be a warmup leading me to the largest hill in the area for some 200 meter runs up it. I went out way to fast with the only thing slowing me down were some smaller hills and having to dodge garbage and recycling bins.

I finished my very fast “warm-up” and got right into my hill repeats. The more I ran the better I felt mentally. The better I felt mentally the better I ran. How funny the workout I could barely get myself to do I now felt sad to see winding down to its end with each successive hill repeat.

Sometimes the battle is not hitting certain splits, or reaching an amount of miles. I think sometimes the fight is to just get out there. I won on both fronts today.

The next time you struggle being able to get out there for a run focus on knowing how good you feel after. Focus on the knowledge that circumstances were not enough to stop you. That can only make it easier the next time you face that struggle or a barrier. Also, I cannot imagine too many people have ever said they felt worse for having gone for a run. All it takes is putting that one foot in front of the other just like in one of my favorite Christmas specials from my youth. (True story: The song from it pops into my head on tough runs).

Here is a quick break down of my training today.



Wednesday Jan. 4th 2017 Hill Repeats

run2.30 warmup

4x 200 meter repeats uphill with 200 meter downhill running after the first three.

On the 4th repeat I stayed at the crest to do another flat 200 meter run.

(I felt amazing!)

.75 recovery jog (which brings me back to the base of the hill)

3x 200 meter repeats uphill with 200 meter downhill running after the first two.

On the 3rd repeat I stayed at the crest to do another flat 200 meter run.

Another .75 meter recovery jog (once again bringing me back to the base of the hill one last time).

2x 200 meter repeats uphill. With one downhill run.

On the second repeat I stayed at the crest to do one last 200 meter run.

Then I ran roughly .50 to another smaller hill where I did three sets of hill bounding.

I finished off with some stretching, and the legs up the wall pose for 5 minutes