A Healthy Wine? FitVine Wine: A Review

Ah…a nice quiet house on this Saturday night. It is a perfect time to sit down and blog a bit. My youngest daughter is fast asleep. My oldest is out with her grandfather for dinner. On the weekends I like to kick back on a Friday or Saturday night and have a glass or two (or three) of red wine. It is said drinking a glass of red wine is equal to an hour in the gym. So you really cannot blame me if I find a nice bottle of red and want to enjoy a couple extra hours in the gym.

I am far from a wine aficionado. I do not know what it means to let a wine breathe. Does wine even have a Vo2max? How about a dry wine? Did it drip somewhere and dry there?

All jokes aside I was given four bottles of FitVine Wine for Christmas from my brother. Right away I was intrigued by the label. It has a runner on it and the slogan, “We crush grapes, You crush life.”

FitVine boasts that their wine making process yields a high-quality wine with higher amounts of anti-oxidants. It also has no residual sugars. So it is not overly sweet, and is a dry wine. Yes I had to look up what a dry wine was for this blog post, because I truly did not know.  The wine also has lower carbohydrates due to the no residual sugars, fewer calories, and fewer sulfites. Sulfites can affect some people and give them the headache that you often hear people complain about after they drink wine.

I can only speak on the Pinot Noir as I have had any of FitVine’s other wine offerings. I tend to drink mostly pinot noir as pinos have more antioxidants than other wines. The Fitvine grapes have higher levels of anti-oxidants like resveratrol, polyphenols, and proanthocyanidins . These are very strong and beneficial anti-oxidants.

Now that we have discussed the bottle and label, as well as the all-important details about what is in the wine it is time to discuss the actually wine’s taste. Their pinot noir contains 95 calories per 5 oz., glass of wine.. and 3.4g of carbohydrates at 13.9% alcohol. I got that last part right from the Fitvine site. Most wines have roughly 123 calories per 5 oz.  One thing I noted as I poured it into my glass was that it did not seem as dark as I expected. Once again I am no wine snob, but this is what I noted. I was worried it would have a watered down taste. That was not the case at all. It had a great taste and as mentioned above not having the residual sugars was not too sweet. Right away I noticed the taste of cherries and cedar. It also has hints of orange blossom and honey. My taste buds gravitated toward the cherries and cedar. I also enjoyed the fact that there was no strange lingering aftertaste, which I do not personally care for. My wife, brother and I all commented after that the wine tasted “clean.”

Now here are the pros and cons.


*No residual sugars

*Lower carbohydrates

*Lower amount of sulfites

*Great tasting Pino Noir

*Higer levels of antioxidants


*Not readily available

*Shipping can be pricy

* No nutrition label. I had to poke around on their site to find the nutrition information

This will be a wine I will definitely be purchasing in the future. I love that they offer a healthier choice for athletes and others looking for a healthier option when enjoying a nice glass of wine.