Feel Good Friday: Improve Your Posture and Move Better with Wall Slides

You have likely at least once found yourself sitting for a prolonged period of time in front of your computer. I am also confident in saying you likely got uncomfortable at some point. You many have noticed your head drooped, your shoulders slumped forward, your neck may have become fatigued.

 Runners also may have times noticed that at the end of their runs their upper backs may feel tired. Many runners no doubt do not look the same at the end of their run as they looked when they started. Posture can affect many of us, from desk dwellers, to runners and cyclists; to lifters of various types our posture is important not just in how we look but also in how optimally we perform.

Once quick and simple way to keep your shoulders and posture healthy is by using an exercise called the Wall Slides. I like to use wall slides in my own training as a warm up for shoulder health and posture.

You can view the exercise here. Stand against a wall with your feet slightly away from the wall. Also be sure to keep your entire back pressed up and flat against the wall. Begin sliding your arms upward. Make sure to maintain arm contact with the wall during the upward rotation. As you slide your arms downward be sure to focus on the retraction (shoulder blades coming towards each other), and depression (shoulder blades moving downward).

This is an exercise that you can easily do a few times per day if you are stuck at a desk. You can also it use it as a warmup for days when you might be doing exercises that involve the shoulders. Some of these might include bench presses, overhead presses, etc.

If you enjoyed this tip and this exercise please check out my other blog post about exercises you can easily do to start moving and feeling better. I plan on adding to these weekly so be sure to check back frequently.

Happy training!