Legend Compression Socks: A Review

Tuesday night I was extremely excited as I went to may mailbox to retrieve my mail. I saw a package inside waiting there for me. I felt like Ralphie Parker from A Christmas Story awaiting his Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring.  The bills could wait. At least the others might have been bills; I did not have time to look as they were quickly ushered aside. What was the reason for my excitement?  I received a package from Legend Compression. They were sending me a pair of compression socks to try out. I am a fan and believer in the numerous benefits of compression wear. I have used various compression apparel before.

In full disclosure I applied to be an ambassador for Legend. However I had never previously worn their product. They thought after going over my application that I would be a good fit. I looked over their information and felt it was a great fit for me as well. So now I was a bit nervous. What if I did not like the compression socks? I could not honestly tell my social media followers that I liked a product that I truly did not. That just is not me and not how I operate day to day. Let yes mean yes, and let no mean no.

Well I guess it was time to for the unveiling. I opened the package and saw the socks right away. There were some other informative materials inside along with the official letter informing me that I had been selected to be a Legend Compression brand ambassador for 2017, and cool Legend wristband with the writing of #BeaLegend. As a brief aside I cannot tell you how much I love that slogan. The potential issue would I even like the socks?

It was time to try the compression socks on. I am trying the Legend Compression Performance Socks in black. Right away I noticed that the socks were neither too thin nor too thick. I have found in the past with other brands that if they are too thin my feet feel like they slip slightly inside my running sneakers and that is even with following a size chart to I ensure  I wearing the proper size.

They were also the easiest compression socks I have even put on. Some others I have worn were like a workout just to get on. I even tore a hole in pair once so these were a real treat to get on. I felt the cushioning in the toe and heels soon as I pulled them on. This is also the first pair of compression socks I have worn that had any cushioning built in. That is a huge plus in my book. As I ramp up my training and wear track shoes my feet can get very sore, so any extra cushioning is more than welcome.

As I pulled the socks up over my calf I truly did feel the graduated compression. Walking around after getting the second sock on was such a departure from other socks, as I really did notice in a great way the  cushioning. I put my sneakers on and also noticed that due to the fact that socks were not too thin that my feet did not feel as though they were slipping inside my sneakers. I have had that issue with other brands.

Now would come the true test as I got them outside and put them into action. Today was a good day to do so. It was cold with a wind chill in the low 30’s and rainy. As I headed out the door once again my feet felt very secure inside my sneakers no matter how fast I ran. With it being so cold and with the wind I felt the socks being a bit thicker really helped to keep my legs warm. In all I ran about 7 miles of warmups, and speedwork on  the beach.  By this time my right sneaker was soaked to the point I stopped to dump out water. Now for the next test, how would the socks perform when wet?

They performed perfectly. No blistering, no feet sliding around in my Mizunos. I could not have been happier with how they performed. I could not wait to share my review once I got home. So here are the pros and cons.


*Graduated Compression

*Enhanced Endurance

*Greater Power Output

*Decreased Recovery Time

*Achilles and Arch Support

*Calf Muscle Containment

*Cushioned Toe and Heels

*Comfortable and Breathable

*Seamless Toe Construction

*Prevents Blisters

* For Men and Women

*Made in the USA

*Does Not Cause Foot Slippage in Sneakers

*Comparable Price


*Not as many choices of color as of yet.

I really wanted to find at least a couple negatives to balance out the some of the positives but I cannot.

I am honored and blessed to represent Legend Compression in 2017. While we cannot all #BeaLegend that slogan should remind us we should all strive to be in all we do.

Please feel free use my link below and save $15 if you would like to try a pair.