Lightly Breaded Italian Style Cod

CodI sometimes get questions on recipes I use. This is one I used last week the night before my track event. I wanted to eat something light that would not sit in my stomach all night. I have read that it can take the body 2-3 days to digest red meat. That can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish the next day. Since I was cooking and had to compete the next day, plus my daughter had a soccer game and ballet red meat was out.

I opted for another one of my quick but easy and healthy recipes. My family loves when I make this, and is definitely one my favorites. My previous recipes drew a lot of interest so I figured I would share this one with my readers and followers as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as we always do.

One final note, this is a recipe that has evolved over the numerous times I have made it, to what it is now. So unfortunately there are no specific amounts and it is all done by what I have done in the past.


1)      Cod or other white fish

2)      Italian seasoned bread crumbs (be careful which ones you choose as they can be salty)

3)      Lemon juice

4)      Lime juice

5)      Garlic powder

6)      Pepper

7)      Olive oil

Step #1 Get your over set to broil on high. You will broil the fish for 12-15 minutes.

Step #2 Rinse the fish in cold water and then place on a non-stick cooking sheet.

Step #3 Brush the olive oil liberally over the fish.

Step #4 Mix an equal portion of lemon and lime together in a small bowl. Then brush the mixed juices over the fish.

Step #5 Season the fish with garlic based on your preferences.

Step #6 Season the fish with pepper also based on your preferences.

Step #7 Spread breadcrumbs over the fish, only on the side facing upward.

Step #8 You will then broil the fish for 12-15 minutes on a middle rack. Set your timer for halfway then lightly brush the top layer of breadcrumbs off so they do not burn. Then put the fish back in the oven to finish.

Note: If the fish is not fully cooked after the 12-15 minutes move it to the top rack for roughly two more minutes keeping an eye on the breadcrumbs to avoid them burning.

Buon Appetito! Enjoy!