Overcome Your Barriers in 2017

Well another year has come and gone. As with any year there are always ups and downs. As athletes we are always looking to set new goals for the coming year and build upon the previous one. It might be to crush that previous best bench press or squat number, or run faster in a certain distance or pace. For others just exercising regularly to keep off or lose weight might be the goal. This is the time of the year people typically begin thinking about goals, changes and resolutions for the New Year.

The New Year is a great time to hit reset and start doing the things you know will make you the best version of yourself. While many will focus on the goals they have set forth for themselves few stop and give pause to what might hamper you in reaching your goals.

There will be days when we do not feel 100%. We might be stressed with work, a family situation, finances, etc. There will be plenty of valid and invalid excuses to give in. We all know what that feels like. The knowing nagging feeling that you have to train but you do everything you can to put it off.

We all feel it. Whether you call it a distraction, a barrier, or whatever it is still the same thing. It is something that stands in the way of those goals you have set. It takes many forms; self-doubt, laziness, procrastination, denial, anxiety, fears. I could go on for quite a while. I may have mentioned one or more of yours, I know some of mine are listed.

The thing is until we face head on those barriers and distractions we can never hope to be the best version of ourselves. Think of all the great runs and lifts you could have had had you not let those negative thoughts pervade your thoughts. What great things could have accomplished for yourself had you not put them off?

It is a daily battle like a lot of things in our lives. We have to be ready to face those barriers that hold us back or keep us from succeeding. We have to go to war against them every day.

When you sit down to write your goals for the coming I want you to also list potential enemies that might stand in your way. Write them down and keep them close to where you write down your goals. It will help to identify them. It is far easier to fight an enemy once it is identified.

It has to start with a mindset of change. Let’s make 2017 a year where we fight to once again to use the expression, to be the best version of ourselves we can be in 2017!

Have a Happy Blessed New Year!