Sunday Soccer Simple to Complex

SoccerWe have had so much rain here in Connecticut the last couple weeks. Even the local soccer fields have been closed. So we decided to get my daughter’s travel soccer team together and squeeze in a practice. The head coach could not make it, so I and a couple other dads stepped in.

We started practice off with a couple groups of girls passing, and then moved into some simple bodyweight lower body exercises. The girls performed squats, then various lunges in various planes of movement, forward (sagittal), lateral (frontal), and reverse (transverse).

We then moved into a finishing drill, where the girls worked on the steps of bringing a ball up the field, and then using a crossing pass to connect with their attacking teammates to converge on the goal. They started slowly but as they got a better understanding of the drill the drill began to be more at game speed.

As a trainer I like to approach things the same way as I approached today’s practice. I did not want to add a ton of new stuff that the girls would not be ready for or understand. The same with my clients, whether strength training or clients training for running I choose to focus on the foundation then build up. You do not need anything fancy as long as the fundamentals are there. I do not need to choose exercises that are shiny and fancy, or write up overly complicated running workouts, until that foundation is solid.

Simple to complex. A philosophy you can apply to all your training, running, and even aspects of life.