Sunday Speed Work/ Keep Grinding


Well itTrack Shoes has been a little over a week since my wife was injured. It has been a challenge to say the least. I am trying to stay consistent with my training has also been a challenge. Thankfully we got some reinforcements when my Mother in Law came in from Texas.  

Yesterday, I only managed about a mile and a half and was just so tired I decided to stop. I jhad nothing to give. Today’s training session was a pretty tough speed work session ahead of next week’s Master’s Games. I planned on running hard and just seeing what would happen.

I started out with a planned 10 minute easy warmup, but felt so good during my dynamic stretching that I decided to turn the warmup into a time trial ahead of my 3000 meter event. Last year at the Master’s Event I ran the 3000 meter in 12:33:15. Today I nailed a pace that should have me finishing roughly 15-20 seconds faster than that. Fresh off a 30 second personal best improvement a month ago in my 5K this is what I needed to keep staying focused and positive.

I have been struggling with my confidence and energy since my wife broke her ankle, and handling family duties. So today’s results were a much needed boost. I hope I can stay focused this week as my wife goes in for ankle surgery and my competition looms all the while making sure my family is taken care of.

My Sunday Speedwork was as follows:

1)      Dynamic Stretches

2)      3000 Meter Time Trial (1.85 miles) 11:45 time!

3)      2x 1k with 3:00 jog recovery.

4)      4x 400 meters with 400 meter recovery jog.

5)      15 minutes cooldown. I changed direction on the track at the halfway mark.

All I can do is keep grinding this week and trust as always in my training.