Tempo Tuesday becomes Track Tuesday

Well you know the old saying about the best laid plans, and how they can go awry? Well that is exactly what happened to my planned training today.

I went to the track with the plan of doing a tempo run, followed by some speedwork. Soon as I got there I knew that was not going to happen. With steady 20 mph winds, and some higher gusts up to 30+ there was no way I could sustain a race pace effort.

So rather than just bail on the workout and skip it, I decided to push as hard as I could and make sure I got a training effect, basically using the wind as resistance training.

My modified workout at the track was as follows:

10 minutes easy pace in one direction.

10 minutes easy pace in the opposite direction.

2x 600 meters with 600 meters jog recovery, alternating directions.

2x 400 meters with 400 meters jog recovery, alternating directions.

4x 200 meters with 200 meters jog recovery. I alternated directions on each repeat.

My cool down was an easy pace for 10 minutes then static stretching.

Of important note here, is after I completed the repeats of each distance, I stopped for a drink. You might think that with the cold and wind that I would be cold and not as thirsty, which I was not. However you have to keep in mind that you are still working hard and the cold coupled with the wind can mask how much water your are losing. I weigh myself before I run to make sure I put whatever water back into my system post run. So despite the cold and wind, when I got home I had still lost just over three pounds.

It is important to remember to stay hydrated regardless of the temperature.