Things Can Go Wrong Without SMART Goals

A man names Joe goes to see his parish priest. “Father, you have to pray for me. “ The priest responds, “Of course Joe. What seems to be the problem?” “Father, I lost my job and my bills are adding up. I need you to pray for me to get a job, “Joe replies. “The priest thinks about it a moment and asks Joe, “What type of job shall I pray for you to get?” “Oh I don’t care anything. I just need a job.”

The priest kneels down facing the altar,” Lord, please help your son Joseph to find a job shoveling horse manure at a parade. I ask this in Jesus name…”

“Wait!” Wait yells Joe. “Not that kind of job!”

The take home message here for is be careful what you truly want. Even more than that though be sure you have clearly defined goals of what you want for yourself.

I see it quite often with clients. Those who have clearly defined goals usually have an easier time staying focused. It is easier to stay on the path than to struggle trying to find the path.

I am currently in the second phase of my training for the 2017 CT Master’s Games. Last year I ran my best ever running the 3000 meter. I did that by following a well thought out plan that I laid out for myself. It incorporated strength training, many tough speed work days, and also factored in recovery. Without that well devised plan I have no doubt I would not have run nearly as well.

Injury would later derail me from late summer into the Fall after playing soccer. That was pretty frustrating since I am not really a soccer player. I am now working to get back to where I was preinjury. I have a clearly laid out plan that builds off of what worked last year. Whether or not I get back to where I was is yet to be determined.

There are two types of pain. There is the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.  By having clearly defined goals I know I will avoid the latter.

Now get out there and chase your goals.