Feel Good Friday: Three Quick Warm-up Exercises to Help You Feel Good

Today I would like to share three of my favorite posterior chain exercises. These are great exercises to activate and wake up muscles of the posterior chain. These are important muscles for sprinters, distance runners, and those getting ready to get after it in the gym. They are equally important to those of you that may be stuck at a desk all day. Prolonged sitting can cause some of your muscles to become shortened while other muscles may become overly elongated. It is vital to optimal functioning that these muscles from your feet on up are working together and can also help reduce the chance of injury.

This following is a quick circuit designed to “turn on” those muscles of the posterior chain.

I this first exercise we are focusing on the rear deltoid or posterior shoulder as well as some of the muscles of the upper back like the rhomboids, teres minor, etc.


The second exercise take the basic plank and adds more dynamic elements to not inky make it more challenging but also o brings into play other muscles not used when just simply holding the plank for time.

The third and final muscle activation exercise in this short but super effective circuit is the Cook Hip Lift. I like this exercise as it takes the simple bridge exercise and makes it harder and better. By pulling the knee in toward the chest you do not get as much compensation in the lumber spine, or lower back. This allows the muscles here, the gluteus maximus  and the hamstrings (bicep femoris) to work together and not in isolation as with when using a leg curl machine. In real world activities, running, sprinting, jumping, etc., the glutes and hamstrings work together and not independent of each other.

The bands I used in the videos can be purchased at sports equipment outlets. I prefer to order from Perform Better. The bands I get from them seem to last far longer than from other places. They also ship things out super-fast, which is important for when I need equipment for myself or clients.

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