Thursday Track Workout 7/7/2016

Track ShoesDespite a brutally hot and humid day I hit the track for a scheduled workout. Today was some repeats followed by same distance float recovery runs. The repeats were run quick but were not sprints of 100 meters, with a 100 meter float. The fast 100’s are great for working your fast twitch muscle fibers. Also, by running the 100’s at a fast pace it helps focus on running form, including foot strike, and foot turnover which can break down when fatigue sets in.

This was followed up by running the stadium stairs at the local high school along with some core. So the workout outlined would look as follows:

Dynamic stretching. I am a stickler for using my dynamic warmup circuit before runs I know are going to be tough ones as it may help delay the onset of fatigue.

1 mile easy pace. (6:58-7:18)

8×100 meters with 100 meter floats. There is no stopping in between repeats until all 8 are completed.

Rest 2-3 minutes.

8×100 meters with 100 meter floats this time running in the opposite direction on the track.  There is still no stopping between repeats until all 8 are completed.

Rest 2-3 minutes.

8 stadium stair sprints. The walk down the stairs is the recovery. Be sure to alternate between which foot is the push off foot each sprint.

I then finished off with some core exercises. What I did today though was to add in a set of supine straight leg raises in between sets of core exercises to get my hips a little extra work, and actually help them to feel less tight as I moved from core exercises into my static stretching cooldown.

This was not a bad workout considering the heat and humidity and the time of the day.