Travel Day and an Impromptu Treadmill Workout

I have not had time to update the blog since the 18th. My family and I went to Texas to visit family. I will post a couple blog posts about my running experiences down in Texas especially our run down by the San Antonio River Walk. It was a tough day though to get back into town. Here in Connecticut it was not much different than Texas temperature wise. My dad came to pick us up at the airport after we left Austin at 5am.

The plan was to get in and squeeze in a workout before I started back training clients. The AC in our SUV broke somehow so by the end of the drive home I was feeling pretty hot and dehydrated.

I decided that hitting the track with a heat index of 97 might not be the best choice. I opted for a treadmill workout instead. Fartleks are perfect for me on the treadmill. I have a hard time with my endurance and pace on the treadmill. Hard and fast paces on the treadmill allow me to focus on good form, fast foot turnover, as well as my landing mechanics without a loss of form that I would see creep in, if running for distance on the treadmill.

My workout today was as follows:

1 mile warmup easy pace

6x .25 miles at 5k pace

6x 200 meters at 1 mile pace

6x 100 meters at sprint pace (10% grade)

Recover no more than 1:30 between repetitions.