Tuesday September 27, 2016 training

fullsizerenderI got lucky this morning. We received some much needed rain over night but by the time I was ready to get my run in it had cleared out and I was able to run rain free. I’ll run in almost any conditions but besides swimming and taking a shower I hate being wet. So I was excited to run with the rain gone and I was also excited to try out my Garmin Forerunner 620 watch my wife had just gotten for me.

Today’s workout was a sort of hybrid workout in that I did some medium distance miles and speed work. I started off with 3.75 miles of moderately paced running (pace in my training is determined by length and type of runs) along a route that eventually takes me to one of the many long and steep hills I usually run during my medium and long runs.

Once there at the bottom of the hill I spend a couple minutes recovering before transitioning into my hill running. I did two different length runs. a 50 meter sprint and 100 meter sprint. After the 100 meter sprints I jog downhill using the decline for some over-speed training. I run primarily middle distance races but at the CT Master’s Games the last two years I did dabble in a sprint event in addition to my main race, which was the 3000 meters., so I like to make sure to keep my fast twitch muscle fibers firing too.

I follow up the hill sprints with one final 50 meter and 100 meter sprint on the crest of the hill so my legs do not get trained to be slow and in the presence of fatigue I can maintain a race or faster pace and quick foot turnover.

Here is the workout for Tuesday September 27, 2016 broken down.

Tuesday Sept 27, 2016 Training

Barefoot warmup series

3.75 moderate paced run

5x 50 meter sprints with walk back recovery

5x 100 meters with run back recovery

From the crest of the hill perform 1×100 meter and 1x 50 meter sprint.

.75 mile easy paced cooldown

Finally finished with 2 sets of 12 bounds on each leg and some foot turnover drills before static stretching.