Tuesday Threshold Workout

IMG_6319As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday I am recently back from a family vacation. It was nice to get away and spend time with my family. I was able to stay consistent with my training runs including the River City Run http://www.on-your-marc.com/river-city-run-recap/ while down in Texas and only missed a couple workouts.

However great it was to get away it is always nice to run in familiar surroundings. I was happy to get back to the local high school track today. This was the most crowded I have seen it with people of all ages running, or using the field to workout and train. I always find myself a little more motivated when there are other people at the track. Sometimes I even “hunt” them down as I run, seeing who I can catch from behind.

I was not sure how today was going to go for a couple reasons. First, yesterday I did a strength training session including heavy front in the morning and followed that up with 3.50 miles of fartlek running in the evening. The second reason is I am still dealing with a nagging ankle injury and slowly building the strength and endurance back in it.

The weather was great too.  It was nice cloudy 72 degrees and there was a light 12 mph breeze.  That’s a far cry from the heat and humidity we had here before I went away and the heat I felt in Texas.

Maybe it was as I mentioned the many people at the track, but I felt great. I hit all the numbers I needed to and felt tired from the repeated efforts but never exhausted. It was definitely a great day to be back at the track I do a bulk of my training on, and I really mentally needed to have a great workout.

My workout today was as follows:

5 min brisk walk.

Dynamic warmup stretch series 10 of each.

Threshold run until I could not maintain desired pace.

3:00 recovery.

Then 12×200 meters (not sprint pace) at VDOT value (see Dr. Jack Daniel’s Running Formula, with a 100 meter walk recovery. I stopped for a drink after the first 6 200 meter repeats. All repeats were under the VDOT time.

Core: Single Leg Planks 3×15 seconds per leg.

10 min easy pace cooldown.

I finished up with static stretching.