Workout Wednesday April 27

NikeApp1Well the 2016 Master’s Games are getting ever closer. I continue to trust in my training and feel I am ready to run even better than I did last year.

The weather was perfect though there was that ever prevailing breeze in my face that has been present all Spring. Despite the headwind the weather was about 54 degrees which is about where I like to run.

The local high school is in session so I had to stick to the dirt track, which always slows me down a bit. I do not mind though, as I think of it as some added resistance. I mentioned this in a blog or two back, and find it helps me run faster when I move to the high school track or the road for runs. Now for the workout.

Workout Wednesday

Barefoot warmup at the house (then a two minute drive to the track)

Dynamic stretches X10 of each one, on each side.

21 minute easy pace warmup.

1x 600 meters. I allow myself to run just on the lip of the grass for even more added resistance. 600 meter jog recovery.

2x 400 meters with 400 meter jog recovery. *

4x 200 meters with jog recovery. *

Finished off the training session with a 10 minute easy pace and then static stretching.

I find that focusing on more speed work, intervals, threshold runs, etc. is leaving me feeling really good after. Right now I am not following a weekly schedule but more like an 8-10 day cycle that has one long run coming every 8-10 days. We will see how it translates, but so far I have been running faster time this spring including my personal best in the 5k back in early April.

  • As always I switch the direction I am running on the track so one leg in not always on the inside for muscle balance.