Workout Wednesday 5/25/16

Workout WednesdayWow! So today was the first truly hot day we have had this year. It was about 80 degrees at the start of my run and was only going to get hotter as my workout went on. Despite the heat it was a beautiful day to get out and run. So I decided my route would take me to our local beach and serve as my warmup. Then I would do some different distances and intensity running on the sand. I like the sand sprints a lot as it is much harder to run in the sand, but it is also helps to reduce the ground reaction forces of pavement and the tracks I often run on. I have done a previous blog post on just this topic.

Today’s workout was as follows:

1)      Dynamic stretching

2)      2 mile easy pace to the beach

3)      400 meters (or .25mi)

4)      Rest 60 sec

5)    100 meters sprint

6)    Rest 45-60 sec

7)    50 meter sprint

8)    Rest 60 sec.

I repeated this three times total.

Then I ran one final 100 meter sprint, and one final 50 meter sprint on the road. Whether I am doing hill repeats, stadium stairs or running on the sand I like my last one or two repetitions to be at speed so I am not teaching my body to actually run slower.

Then a moderate 1.75 miles home most of the route is up a slight grade.

 Topped it off with some static stretching.

A final note before I wrap up this blog post.  One many of my runs, but especially on hot days I weigh myself before a run, and then again when I come back. I slowly but steadily continue to rehydrate until I am back to my pre-run weight. This way I can be sure to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Happy running!