Workout Wednesday

Today’s workout I was honestly concerned about. I had two tough training days in a row, on Monday which had two training sessions, and yesterday’s long run, of 8 miles followed by striders, all of which had me wondering what I had in my legs.

My numbers were going to be a bit skewed today as I ran on a dirt track, which is always slower than the local high school track, and I was running into 11mph wind. So I did not track my intervals, and just focused on the distance of the intervals, and my perceived exertion.

I began with an easy pace run for 20 minutes at a 7:19 per mile pace. Then I got into my speedwork. It consisted of 4×600 meters with a 600 meter jog recovery. This was followed up by 4×200 meters with a 200 meter job recovery. I finished up with 10 minutes at an easy pace, which was pretty easy to do at this point because I was so tired. I finished off with static stretching to start the recovery and regeneration process.

I really enjoy the contrast of the easy pace to start, and then the speedwork, capped off by a return to an easy pace for the cooldown. I find it is the right mix, and does not force me into just long slow distance (LSD), or super intense intervals all the time, which could lead to injury if I went that hard 100% of the time.

I hope the insight into how I am preparing for the 2016 Master’s Games gives you some insight into how I am training, and how you might try to incorporate some of these ideas into your training.